Plastic love Lyrics

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Modified at: 18 Mar 2023

Plastic love Lyrics by Young 5150 From English Album N/A with Lyrics Meaning & Knowledge. Latest Plastic love Song lyrics written by Young 5150. The Music video has been Release on 18 March 2023 .

Shit I ain’t no singer
But I know it’s blessed to know
This about to be my first song in this mud
You want some love

Aye, aye!
Real love
Fake love
Is it fake love
Do she love me
She love me not
She a fake huh
And she wanna
Get with me
I can't date her
She saw me glowin' up
But now I hate her
When I get to the crib
She layin'
Little do she know
I was prayin'
Not to god
Not to satan
But to the one I love

Aye, aye!
They keep me
Uh, from going crazy
Screamin' super sayian
Going crazy, my vision's hazy
Blow it all up, blast it all up
No comprehension, fuck it all up
A new dimension
Plastic love done changed
My fucking life up

My heart
My soul
My life
And the fucking way
I receive, I believe I can do it
I'm relieved
[Young 5150
Yea I believe I can do it
Bitch I’m not stupid
Love like I’m Cupid
Yea I really do this
Yea you should try it
I’m not influenced
But I can do it
Speakin so fluent
I’m cold bitch
Yea you that I’m chosen
Run up on me dance
Imma ball like derozan
I don’t really give a shit
Fuck you and your best friend
Imma do a hit again
Bitch i feel like Hitman
Yea get hit like a lick [ get hit like a lick
Me and friend we never gon miss[ uh huh
Me and Devie on this bitch [on this bitch
Me and Devie on this bitch [ uh huh
Girl you know you mine [ girl you know you mines
I need you all the time [ time]

Walkin' down the street
In the heat, feel the beat
This the type of shit that
Make you wanna sing
Get a new whip, Lexus RC350
How many racks I got
Like around 50
[i lied
Make a deposit before this bitch
Come see me
In my bed
In my head I believed
You was the one
The only one
For me
The one and only
Plastic love
Real love fake love
Give it to me I can't feel it
My heart can no longer tell the
Fucking difference
Been broke so many times
Done trusted too many lies
Said too many goodbyes
I've gone on lotta good rides
Rides, but been told a lot of good lies
You can't say I didn't try
Cause I really fucking liked

Aye, aye
Plastic love
That shit fake
That shit fake
I don't even pursue relationships no more
That shit so fragile

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Plastic love lyrics !!!

FAQ & Knowledge

ℚ. Who sang the song "Plastic love"?
"Plastic love" is sung by "Young 5150".
ℚ. Who wrote the lyrics of "Plastic love" song?
" Young 5150" has written the lyrics for the song "Plastic love".
ℚ.When was the song "Plastic love" released?
"Plastic love" song release on "18 March 2023".
ℚ.When was the last time lyrics modified for song "Plastic love"?
"Plastic love" song lyrics was modified on "18 Mar 2023".